Spindles & Aggregates

Bi-Rotational Spindle Units

Bi-Rotational Spindle Units Flexicam 5-Axis Bi-Rotational Spindle Unit C-Axis rotation +/- 220° C-Axis speed 100°/s (maximum) A-Axis rotation +/-100° A-Axis speed 126°/s (maximum) A wide variety of spindles is available depending on customers application HSD HS 300 / ES 368 Minimum Size – Maximum Power Harmonic Drive Gearboxes C-Axis rotation +/- 220° A-Axis rotation +100° …

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Special Aggregates

Special Aggregates Multi-Boringblock (vertical drills, optional horizontal drills, saw) Pneumatic Feed Drill Pneumatic Feed Tapper Saw Aggregate with Pneumatic C Axis Saw aggregate (diameter 450mm) with motorized C axis Multifunctional tangential head with one or multiple tools Swivel knife assembly Lasermarker (CO2, Galvohead) Lasermarker (Nd:YVO4, Galvohead) Stud Welding Aggregate Blind Rivet Aggregate Braille-Module

Spindle Options

Spindle Options Automatic Rotary Toolchanger (RTC) Automatic Linear Toolchanger (Rack) Flange for Aggregates (ISO & HSK) Motorized flange for aggregates (C axis) Tilting spindle (A axis) Floating Nose (mechanical or controlled) Pressure Foot Spindle Load Monitor Ridgid Tapping Coolant Through Spindle / Tool


Spindles Automatic Toolchange Spindle 8 KW Spindle Power 8 KW Maximum Speed 24,000 RPM Ceramic bearings Toolholder ISO-30 Max. 26 mm (1 1/4″) tool diameter with ER-40 tool holders Automatic Toolchange Spindle 12 KW Spindle Power 12 KW (S6) / 10 KW (S1) Maximum Speed 24,000 RPM Ceramic bearings Toolholder HSK-63F Max. 26 mm (1 …

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